October 20th, 2010

And why don't the freeway exits work, either?

I’m really tired of the driving dreams. I want to send my unconscious mind a message: I get it already.

Every night, I crash. I get lost. I have no brakes. I’m stuck in the back seat while the car careens down steep hills. I’m on the freeway in one of those little pedal cars that toddlers use. Last night, for instance, I was trying to drive my old red VW with a giant muscular Pacific Islander-looking man half in my seat, the seat so far back I could barely reach the pedals, and something wrong with my eyes that made everything out the windshield in front of me blurry.

Fine. Message received. I feel out of control of my life. Now can I please have a good night of sleep so I can try to cope with it?