February 8th, 2011

No, I'm not having either carrots or sticks for lunch...

In my own personal carrot-and-stick universe over here, I don’t get to eat my tasty lunch until I’ve broken through the no-posting inertia. So I am motivated to type.

The problem with not posting is that I decide that really, I only post stupid stuff anyway, so why am I bothering? I’m bothering because I need to write and I need to put writing out there. I’m bothering because writing about my silly enthusiasms, small disasters, and bizarre accidents helps me keep things in perspective. And because, once I get going, it’s fun. It may even (I hope) be mildly entertaining to read.

I have made yet another discovery about the oddities of the space-time continuum. Both space and time seem to be evaporating. Now that Brent is happily and busily employed at Google all day, I’m supposed to have more space and time. Um, no. Because I am an intrepid pseudo scientist, I will continue to collect data on the problem in hopes of discovering the cause of this evaporation and of reversing the flow so that everyone can have more of both.

I’m sure that the problem is not related at all to my increased workout schedule, the opportunities I’ve seized to hang out with friends, or my new membership on the board of a nonprofit I used to work for that now needs all its books sorted out and years’ worth of back taxes filed. I had to get garden supplies and a parakeet jacket for riding my bike and and and: not related to the space issues.

Please note that “parakeet jacket” is a term that Syd uses for the brilliant green windbreakers bikers wear to be visible from space. Biking is hard enough for me that I don’t much care if I get hit by a car; my issue is freezing to death in the wind.

Still flossing my teeth.