August 25th, 2011


Book Report Thursday: Fire

I am in the unfortunate position of wanting Kristin Cashore to write more books quickly so I can read them while continuing to believe that I need to read the books I have before I buy more. In fact, I bought Fire in a fit of retail therapy in spite of my ban on more books. (I’ve slipped more than once, actually, but the principle is working, more or less.)

This book has a strong female protagonist, which is always a win. Fire faces a fairly typical YA fiction problem: how to accept her strength, her self, without becoming a monster. As we all learned from Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. Fire not only figures out the necessary balance, but she gets her man as well. I sometimes don’t want strong women to get their men, but this particular man is worth getting. It’s also good to read about young women who have a healthy attitude toward their sexuality.

The book has earned a place on the shelf and I would give it as a gift. Which I suppose is my personal version of two thumbs up.