August 26th, 2011


Learning experiences

It is back to school season. I have bought office supplies. I shopped with Syd for dorm room stuff and bike gear.

T. has already started. Yesterday’s new high school epiphany was that you can leave stuff in your locker overnight!

Since T. is now in high school, I figured it was about time he learned to get himself out of bed in the morning. Alarm, day one: static-laced radio plays and T. continues to sleep. Alarm, day two: buzzer blares, T. turns it off, and continues to sleep. The buzzer gets one more chance on Monday and then I will have to turn to the helicopter alarm, which will fly around the room making horrible noises until T. catches it and turns it off, presumably waking himself in the process. I predict much swearing if that happens due to the large quantity of Lego pieces on the floor.

Pray for me.