September 7th, 2011

wonder woman

I am the egg (wo)man, but not the walrus

I like directions. Reading and following directions can give a person a surprising advantage over more people than you might think. It also tends to surprise people, which is fun.

The thing is, an awful lot of things don’t come with directions. Plenty of situations are too complex for directions (How do I manage a family event without resorting to homicide?) or too dependent on who or what might be involved (What do I make for dinner that everyone will eat?) or too open to the vagaries of philosophy (How do I raise my kid?). Worse, sometimes the directions are wrong.

To cope with this, I make breakfast. Breakfast can, of course, have directions. But it is one place that I skip them. I could get out recipes, buy ingredients, and eat the results. Instead, I look around the kitchen, see what’s there, and make something up. Yesterday it was polenta with peaches and goat cheese. Today I made scrambled eggs with bacon, apple, and smoked cheddar. Tomorrow I will make something else.

Plus, breakfast is one of the three most important meals of the day…