September 19th, 2011

wonder woman

Apparently I am a dork

Yesterday Syd moved into the dorm at Davis. Rick and I drove him up there with a selection of his belongings. Syd got there before his roommate, so he got to pick which side of the room he wanted, which bathroom shelf he preferred, and which segment of the large closet he'll share with four other guys.

I hate sitting around, so I made Syd let me help put things away. I made his bed. I went down the hall to find someone to explain how the window works since I don't mind being thought idiotic (oh, you pull OUT on the little thingie and then it will slide open...), especially since I got to demonstrate my now superior knowledge when I returned to the room. I fidgeted.

When all was arranged and there was still no roomie sighting, we went to get food downtown. Then we headed back to the dorm. Parking was severely orchestrated, as I had learned when we unloaded. This time I told the well-scrubbed young man that I only needed five minutes to hug and cry, since we had already taken all the stuff up. Syd and Rick told me I was a dork.

Maybe so. But I needed to do both. I love that kid.