October 11th, 2011

Rule 42

Dude, not in the dorm...

I've visited Syd twice since he's been in Davis, which is once more than I intended, but his computer blew up and Brent and I swapped his for a different one over the weekend. He likes his classes, he is meeting cool people, he's full of ideas, and that's all good. As of Saturday, even the not-entirely-compatible suitemates were fine. I forgot how nice a place Davis is. The farmer's market is awesome and it has a caterpillar with shoes (see photo)! There are nifty shops, an eminently walkable downtown, and a generally crunchy granola vibe that makes my inner hippie happy.

Thing is, Syd called yesterday to tell me about how he wasn't able to get his passport yet. He was all heated up. I said it was okay and not to stress out (he's going again today, but there is plenty of time before we all head to Australia.). Not surprisingly, it turns out that the hassle of passport getting was not what was bothering him. Some portion of the suitemates were smoking pot in the suite and another one of them turned them in. This got the lot of them summoned to the R.A.s to explain and may result in some kind of nasty probation thing for the perps. Syd freaked. He wasn't even there. He told the R.A. that. But he is still imagining being kicked out on the street, no place to live, and horrible black marks against him with the university. Not going to happen. But he's understandably stressed with suitemates mad at each other, authority looming, and so on.

He'll be fine. I know this. One of the points of going away to college is dealing with stuff like this and surviving. It just sucks to go through the process.