December 8th, 2011


Australia Day Eighteen: In which there are leaves and feathers

The sun came out today. I found a magpie feather on my way to the gym to go with the tiny green feather I found another day. Now that I have two, it is clearly a collection.

I made a deal with T. that we would go back to the Art Museum of NSW so I could see the rest of the stuff there and he could bring his book (Skulduggery is way more interesting than art, apparently.). I also brought my sketchpad because I thought it might be nice to sit in the botanical garden and draw plants. It was, although whole plants have lots and lots of leaves. When I did the exercise in my drawing book about drawing a plant, I stole a twig of leaves from the park across the street because the apartment is plant-free except for the hideous dried pod thing that I don’t like enough to look at, much less draw.

In one of the exhibits at the museum, I saw a drawing of a feather (Van de Graaff, Bronwyn - Feather 5 (peacock)) that took my breath away. The part at the base of the shaft was downy and floaty and then at the top the feather got that smooth, zipped-together look that most feathers have. The detail! The patience required! Holy cow!

Lest this be all boring words, here is a picture of the view from our apartment this afternoon: