December 9th, 2011


Australi Day Nineteen: In which we need a little Christmas

It has taken until now for me to get in the mood for Christmas. At home, I suppose I would be surrounded by the paraphernalia and detritus of Christmas, but since our family Christmas present was to get to go to Australia, I’ve been restraining myself from most shopping and decorating. I happen to know that Santa will be filling stockings, although they may not be stocking-shaped. I did buy a grow-your-own magic Christmas tree at the Australian Geographic store that we can put in the center of our table closer to the day. It was less than $10.

Today, however, Brent and I went wandering around in the shopping districts. So I found some Christmas:

This little girl’s mom let me take her picture because she was so cute and her shirt was perfect. I need a shirt like that, since I’m pretty sure elves come in all sizes:

The windows of David Jones this year are decorated with a Christmas Carol theme and feature some adorable marionettes. I liked this camel (“We Three Kings”):

These sheep come from a carol I didn’t recognize, but the scene was the angels appearing to the shepherds. I’d pick “The First Noel” because it was one of my very favorites when I was about five:

Apparently, Santa nodded off during the singing of “The Twelve Days of Christmas:”

Not to worry! A crew of helpful mice are hard at work on the gifts:

For those of you who still feel grinch-like, I offer this:

The Christmas music is officially ON, baby.