December 18th, 2011


Australia Day 27: In which we hike again!

We drove into the Blue Mountains to see scenery. Here is my posse in front of some:

Due to our previous hiking excursions, none of us felt particularly ambitious, so we took the 20 minute hike to this view:

Had we been more strong and powerful, we could have taken the hour hike and ended up where the little tiny people are at the top of the falls. They are called Wentworth Falls, by the way, located in the town of, you guessed it, Wentworth Falls, where we had a pre-hike meal of Chinese food because it has good vegetarian options.

Here is another view of the kind of rock faces we were looking at:

There are more tiny people in there somewhere to give you an idea of the scale.

Australia Day 28: In which Christmas is coming!

Our first task of the day was to move across the hall into a different apartment. Different, in this context (as Lemony Snicket would say), means “with fewer bedrooms.” The kids will be camping at opposite ends of the living room. By the time we were done, pretty much all of us were grumpy and hungry for various reasons, so we made a good decision: to split up. I realize that in a horror movie, splitting up is a bad idea; in this case, it was horror movie prevention, lest one or more of us snap and create a blood bath.

The kids went off to “excurge,” which is T.’s new verb form of excursion. I was not supposed to ask any questions, so I didn’t. I went off to lunch with Brent at Google instead.

By the time the kids and I arrived back, we were all feeling much nicer. I was doing my own secret stuff in the kitchen since we’re going to be in this exact apartment for Christmas. They did some secret stuff themselves and then we set up our tiny Christmas tree and made paper chains. Voila the Salsman-Chapman Christmas extravaganza for 2011: