December 24th, 2011


Australia Day 33: In which I get to see lace

Merry Christmas Eve! At breakfast, the skies opened. This did not seem like a good omen, but it turned out to be a getting-it-over-with batch of rain. By the time we left for the Powerhouse Museum, it was lovely and hot. With Brent in charge of directions, we took a much prettier route this time through a park with lots of fountains and a playground. Had I not been wearing tennies, I would have waded in the water.

At the museum, it became clear that everyone had a different idea about what to do. We all lost each other at various points, but Brent and T. liked the steam engines, Syd liked Harry Potter, and I got to take my time in the lace exhibit (all according to my personal plot!).

If I ever need a chain-link fence, I want one like this:

This fairy-tale forest had an accompanying stop-motion video:

This lace organically “grew” out of pages of Darwin’s Origin of Species.

And this pair of necklaces in steel were based on some Spanish lace collars from the renaissance.

There were, of course, lots of garments, but most of them fell into the category I will call “conceptual” rather than “wearable.” I saw elaborate jewelry, some produced from casts of 3D printed objects. Good stuff, Maynard.

Australia Day 34: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Santa, amazingly, figured out where we were and filled stockings (well, gift bags, actually, perhaps because it is too warm for stockings?). I promised everyone a very brief photo torment if they would cooperate and hold up their favorite stocking stuffer:

T.R. is holding up his very silly jokes. Here is a sample: What is brown and sticky? A stick! He and I have been laughing like crazy and Brent and Syd have been exercising their eyebrows at us. Brent chose his buckyballs, which are pewter-colored, unlike Syd’s (gold) and T.’s (silver). And there, in Syd’s pocket is Mr. Jeremy Fisher, an old friend from early childhood sprung from the page.

Brent also got a melting snowman and took these before and after photos:

Shortly we are going to sit down to Christmas dinner with Christmas crackers for all. We’re having buttermilk fried chicken, macaroni with three cheeses, and broccoli, followed by caramel macadamia tart. Perhaps not the most traditional of menus, but one well-suited to the capabilities of the current kitchen.

Blessings to all, if not for Christmas, than for anything you choose to celebrate!