December 27th, 2011


Australia Day 36: In which Syd leaves SYD

Syd has left SYD. It is very sad. His dad, however, is happy to have him back.

His packing process and the ferry/train process of going to the airport took a good chunk of the day. After lunch at about 3, Brent and I did some grocery shopping. T. enjoyed the peace and quiet of being by himself for a little while.

We have accumulated a lot of stuff since we’ve been here. Books, of course, and three beach towels, and various kitchen thingies, and souvenirs and gifts. I attempted to foist some of the stuff off on Syd to bring home, but it didn’t really work since he brought a non-expandable suitcase and acquired his own bunch of things during his stay. So yesterday we acquired a duffel bag to contain our overflow.

In general, we were all pretty wiped out, so that was enough accomplishment for the day. No pictures; sorry.