December 30th, 2011


Australia Day 39: In which I appreciate Chinese music in context

When Brent went to work yesterday, T. and I had a couple of hours to fill before we could check into our hotel. He had his notebook and pencil, so I didn’t feel too bad parking him in a pavilion in the Chinese Garden of Friendship while I enjoyed the place to my heart’s content, taking as many photos as I wanted. Some places are magic. This garden is one of them. All the stress of getting packed and moved and the worry about us coexisting in yet another smaller place fell away from me for the time I was there.

The place is designed so thoughtfully that everywhere is beautiful. I found myself more than once taking a photo of some scene, taking a few steps and taking another photo of another, equally beautiful aspect of the same scene, transformed by that slight shift of perspective. Enough chatter. Here are photos. Sculpture, water, and plants:


Pavilion and sky:

Bridge and rocks:

Then we got to go in the pool at the hotel. Whatever lingering ick may have been hiding in my body was banished by the application of chlorinated water.

Australia Day 40: In which we are ready to go home

We go home tomorrow. Today was devoted to resting up for the fireworks tonight and the journey in the morning.

We have done it all, just about. The weather kept T. and me from trying to surf. I was reluctant to pay the exorbitant fees to do the bridge climb, so we skipped that. We never made it out of Sydney, really, in spite of wanting to visit friends in Melbourne, the fish on the barrier reef, and the big rock in the middle, Uluru. And that is all okay. We had great fun, learned lots, and filled up our adventure tanks.

Now we are ready to go home. I want to see my friends! I want to cuddle my dog. Ride my bike! Use the dryer. Cook in my own kitchen. In short, I want my own homely hobbit hole with the kettle just on the boil, or my life’s equivalent.

I am grateful that the world is big and full of new things, but I’m also grateful that it is small and full of the familiar things I love.