January 3rd, 2012

wonder woman

Jiggety Jog...

We are home. The welcome bit was perhaps slightly marred by the fact that some part of the water heater decided to fail while we were away. Hot showers are essential after ten zillion hours in an airplane. Two pieces of good news: Brent is a genius, so it is better now and we belong to a gym with excellent hot showers.

I traded T.R. for Cricket yesterday. T. was ecstatic to see his dad and Cricket and I are happy to snuggle peacefully on the couch again.

The suitcases are unpacked. The laundry is done. We have food in the house.

I still have a chunk of stuff to sort out in my office (where am I going to fit all these new books?), but that’s a good problem. Photos to sort and prints to order! Albums to make! Spiffy new postcards to display!

Best of all: I rode my bike. Because my body is still catching up with itself after that whole changing-continents thing, I had to do some serious prodding to get myself out the door. I told myself I did not have to go far. In the first block, I was sure I wasn’t going to go far. By the third block, I had a grin plastered on my face and knew I was going to do my usual six mile circuit. It was harder work than usual, especially the last part, but I did it!

One final note: I wore my Uggs out in public and my kids did not, in fact, die of shame. And my feet are very happy.