January 23rd, 2012

Rule 42

Feeling abandoned by Ted Ginn...

It was a sad weekend in football land. I detest the Patriots for numerous reasons. And my team, my own home team, for whom I’ve had to apologize for years, reached the NFC Championship, only to lose to the Giants. Again. Sure, that last time they lost to the Giants was a long time ago, but not in my head. Of course I will still watch the Superbowl. I will hope Tom Brady gets sacked on every offensive play. I will remember that Eli is my second-favorite Manning. But it will not be The Same as having my own team in the game.

I have a bit of a post-Sunday hangover, not because I drank too much—it was an alcohol-free day at my house-- but because I spent pretty much all day sitting on my butt on the couch. My body objects to this kind of abuse nowadays. I did explain that it was raining outside and that biking was out of the question, but my body is not good with words.

Today, to get past that icky lethargic feeling, I took myself off to the gym for stationary biking (much better than no biking at all, plus I got all enthused listening to Al Green) and weightlifting. No more aggression in my body now.

And there’s always next year for my team to win it all.