January 24th, 2012

wonder woman

In which I begin bowling...

Breaking the caffeine/sugar/soda habit is not working yet. I am going with harm-reduction as a strategy for that problem in the moment while I attack a different angle of the larger problem, which is that I am a large problem! I have the success of my exercise habit to encourage me. I think I will eventually win against the Coke machine. For now, my new habit plan is to inhabit the exciting world of portion control.

The rules are pretty simple. I work best when things are simple. I have some red bowls of a reasonable size. At mealtimes, everything I eat has to fit in the bowl, no heaping allowed.

Now I realize that this method may not work if I decide to fill my bowl with ice cream three times a day. Fortunately, it is too cold out to eat ice cream. I’m not going to worry much about the content of the bowl for now. This is about adjusting my sense of full back to a reasonable level. Once I’m used to the quantity, I’ll focus in more on the quality. To be honest, I don’t think that my problem lies so much in what I’m eating; it’s all about eating too much of whatever it is.

Date night is an exception. I’m not going out with my red bowl. I can, however, choose to eat half of what I’m served. This worked last night reasonably well, although I did eat all of my dessert because it was beignets, there were two little ones, and they weren’t going to save. And, because it fit easily in my bowl, I ate the other half of my truffled grits, carmelized onions, and roasted glazed chicken for breakfast. Yummy!