February 6th, 2012


With some red dye and some striped stockings, I could be Pippi...

Yesterday, of course, I watched the Superbowl. I am now more than ever convinced that my usual policy of watching the game all by myself is a good idea. I love my mom and dad and brother, but they are not the best people with whom to try to pay attention to, you know, the game. I feel good knowing that Eli won and Tom lost.

Before that, I had the privilege of attending my friend Sofie’s seventh birthday party at the Oakland Museum. Her brilliant mom created a treasure hunt through the galleries with rhyme and picture clues. I got to go with her on the pre-visit to take photos. Here are two of my photos that were probably not clues (didn’t see the actual clues, since my job was to hang at the last spot in the history gallery and hand out the art gallery clue sheet…), but show things I really liked at the museum.

This is the sculpture by the koi pond. I love it that it is full of bubbles:

Here is a fish, not in the pond, that makes me happy:


And because it is Monday and I, at least, needed a laugh, I offer Yet Another Silly Hairdo, this one functional for the gym stuff I’m going to do shortly: