February 9th, 2012


Lighten up, Francis...

The very nice and extremely efficient vampires of Kaiser sucked out half my blood on Tuesday to test it for various things, some of which I could even identify. I would like to point out that phlebotomist is one of the best job titles ever; not many words start with phl.

Yesterday I got my results. I am reminded of what my dad used to say: “I don’t need to go to the doctor. He’s just going to tell me to lose weight and quit smoking.” Which is to say, there really weren’t any surprises in the results. I need to lose weight and drink water.

I knew that before I took the test. The habit I am building this month, as I mentioned before, is portion control as I strive to lighten up. The test did not change reality. My reaction, however, was that I needed to change everything about everything I do and eat Right Now.

I don’t. I need to make changes that last. One step at a time. And I am doing my second step by eating less. (Step one, of course, was getting addicted to my bike.)

I need to skip the panic and stick to the change. Wish me luck.