February 16th, 2012

wonder woman

I even found a check for a million bucks (with the notation "Riiiight" on the memo line

Today’s lesson, class, is about clutter. As I said earlier, I am donating my poor Odo to charity. This meant that I had to find the pink slip.

Well, THAT was fun. Yesterday, I opened my filing cabinet to find the Subaru folder I knew was in there, except it wasn’t. Then I thought: Brent must have it because he deals with all the car stuff. Nope. He had some maintenance paperwork and some old registrations, but no pink slip.

He suggested a bunch of places I could look in his files. First I figured I should eliminate my drawers as suspects.

I was right: the pink slip was not in my drawer. It was in the additional file box I have on top of one of my bookcases, the one where I keep stuff I’m pretty much never likely to look at ever again but have to keep. Sigh.

While I was searching, however, I got rid of this much recycling:

I also have a lot more file folders to use again than I had before and actual organized and tidy files. The extra file box has been eliminated and the file sorter on my desk has actual room in it.

I feel virtuous.


In other news, I am also less cluttered with hair. I finally decided that I had had it with the tangles and such, so I got it cut yesterday. Brent says I look like I did when we got married: