February 29th, 2012


Even better than candles...

When in doubt about what to buy for my younger friends, I go with books. (Although more than one of my younger friends has informed me that the amount of books already possessed was sufficient, with the happy result that I got to go to the toy store instead.)

One of my friends just turned seven. She’s an emerging reader with a gentle sense of humor so the choice was obvious: Frog and Toad. She’s also a very pink sort of person with a powerful personality, so I figured that she needed some Babymouse in her life.

Another friend is turning eight this weekend. She’s arty and a smarty-pants. Clearly, she needs The Phantom Tollbooth and an imaginative doodle-book with colored pencils.

It’s a little early to think about it, but I’m turning 44 in April. I wonder what kind of book I need…