March 6th, 2012


Snips and snails, but no puppy dog tails...

(The internet is being mean to me, so no pictures.)

The amazing Strata came over yesterday to do crafty things. She made a truly adorable monster right out of her head, which takes coolness to whole new levels.

I worked on recycling a skirt, an apron, and some leftover fabrics into three pillows. The skirt belonged to Grandma Marian and she wore it pretty much every Christmas that I can remember. Since I started remembering Christmases in the 70s, you might understand that under no circumstances should it be worn as a skirt. The fabric is bright green, patterned with little red flowers, kind of prairie-inspired. It was quilted, and therefore warm, particularly since it was floor-length. So: ugly, but full of memories.

The apron also belonged to her. It was the kind I find particularly useless in that it starts at the waist and most of my kitchen splatters happen between my neck and my waist, not lower. However, it was charmingly embroidered with Christmas elves and trees.

I haven’t got to the sewing part yet, but I have hacked and slashed away at the raw materials and I think the pillows will turn out to be cute. Also: one more project will soon be crossed off my list.