April 3rd, 2012

wonder woman

March came in like a rampaging lion and thank God it left finally

March was not my favorite month this year. That’s the short version.

The campaign to drink water failed spectacularly. So I’m starting again this month via the no-Coke-and-tapered-Excedrin method. Pray for my stomach lining. This is Day 4 and I’m not dead yet, which must be a good sign.

Half of March was dedicated to parents. Brent’s mom came to visit and then I went to visit my parents to help them pack for a move. Stress and restaurants are not good for my eating habits. Also, there is no one more fun to drink margaritas with than Brent’s mom, which makes her a bad influence, in a good way.

Another week of March was Syd’s spring break. He came home, which was lovely. I enjoyed feeding him and doing his laundry and buying him stuff to take back with him and everything. But it was really all play time and not time to Get Stuff Done.

My new medication makes me extremely tired. My brain doesn’t work like it is supposed to. I am trying very very hard to be patient in hopes this is just a process of acclimatization, but I confess that I experience a certain amount of rage toward amber plastic bottles.

There was rain, followed by more rain, with a smattering of rain on the side. Not only did this keep me from riding my bike, but it kept my deck in place for almost all of March. It is gone now and the concrete is soon to follow.

Obviously, I haven’t been writing. But. New month, new energy, renewed dedication to the goals.