April 25th, 2012



I decided to ride my bike this morning before the rain comes in this afternoon. I rode my usual six-mile loop, which takes me along the beach.

The tide was out. The salty, fishy smell was in, which made me happy. All the whorls and ridges of sand that usually hide under the water revealed themselves, garnished with wading birds making the most of the temporary territory.

Some wonderful people have been working with the park district to replace invading plants with native ones. Sadly, I am more familiar with the names of the invaders than the indigenous flora, so I don’t know the name of the bush from which an uncharacteristically brave ground squirrel peeped up to watch me pass. Its cousins dug busily farther along. The geese seem to be on vacation, but the crows and doves and hosts of cute little birds foraged in the grass along the path where it wound through the park.

I always ride with a goofy smile on my face because recess makes me happy. The joggers don’t understand, but many of the other bikers smile back, in on the conspiracy of fun.

I was too busy peddling to take pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine…