June 25th, 2012


Dog Days


Summer is here and the living is… complicated. I had been hoping for lazy times, fruity drinks, time in the sun. Not so much.

Because Rick has had a series of disasters, I now have both kids all the time and a new (oldish) dog. I love them all, but life is suddenly much more full. I’ve worked miracles of fitting impossible quantities of things into limited spaces. Polly the dog has had her shots and gotten spayed. She is adjusting reasonably quickly to the new environment with its essential dog door, Cricket, and more stairs. Fortunately, Syd is Polly’s favorite person. (Syd has been a trooper through all of this, schlepping boxes, sorting out stuff, calming Polly, and more.)

For extra bonus points, we’ve had both my parents and Brent’s mom in town, Brent on call for work, and a Brent work trip.

Sanity is slowly returning. It is really good to have so many people I love right here. I always like clearing things out. And I have a whole pile of Syd’s rejected books to read. I’m ready for the lazy, sunny part now.