jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Prompt Poem

I’m crabby and awake earlier than I’d like to be this morning. My internet connection seems to feel the same way. So instead of writing a completely cranky post, I am going to post the poem I wrote in a race with the kids at the writing festival yesterday; racing against me is apparently more exciting than poetry itself.

For the poem, I gave them a series of unfinished sentences as prompts. They are:

I don’t remember…
I love (or I hate)…
I have always (or never)…
I see…
I know…
I wonder…

You can now go write your own. Here is mine:

I don’t remember my first words.
I love the word estornudar in Spanish, even though they say
murcielago is the most beautiful.
I have always wanted to speak every language perfectly.
I see words in my sleep, but can’t catch them.
I know that if I ever do, I will make a song.
I wonder if I ever will.

Now you know why racing and poetry don’t entirely mix.

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