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I have issues with homework. With T.R.’s homework in particular. I passed sixth grade quite handily all by myself many years ago. I do not need to spend any more time with a math text, thanks.

My day yesterday was full. I accomplished a lot more than I thought I could on many fronts. After dinner, I settled my behind into the comfy chair to knit and watch violent murder mysteries on TV only to be attacked by T.R. and the math book.

The thing was, he didn’t need my help to understand the problems. He said he couldn’t concentrate. In my position of Meanest Mom in the Universe, I have to point out many unpleasant facts, including this one: I cannot concentrate for anyone else. However, through long training and semi-divine intervention, I have acquired some skills that could come to the rescue. I pointed out, in a slightly less patient way than I might have if I hadn’t just got all comfy and settled in for relaxation, that this was a perfect opportunity for T.R. to use his timer. He could manage to concentrate for five minutes, and then another five, and by then he’d probably be done.

It is a good thing that I don’t know T.R.’s math teacher personally and that he does not read my blog because this is exactly the kind of thing that might give him apoplexy (Isn’t that a good word? Sounds much scarier than a stroke.). T.R. rejoined that he’d just use one of his free homework passes.

That would be using the time-bomb method of homework management, instead.

So I remind myself: It is NOT my homework. It is not MY homework. It is NOT my homework. But GRRR.


Sep. 26th, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
Turns out...
I'm just Connor in much-less-cute disguise. If I just got down to work instead of complaining, I'd get a lot more done, too. Damn. Now I have to actually DO stuff.

The timer really was pretty miraculous, both for when the homework is too easy and boring and for when it's really hard. When it's hard, knowing there's a break in sight is useful. Also, I have been known to write notes to teachers at the bottom of unfinished homework pages letting them know how much time we spent and how we decided that we'd done enough and they could (nicely) go smoke the rest of the problems. It's been a while since T. had any truly hard homework, though. For which I am thankful.

I use the timer myself when I have to do really icky things, like cleaning. If I work for fifteen minutes, I get to rest for a few and then get back to it until I'm done. It helps me keep from blowing up and blowing out.

YOU, however, are doing an AWESOME job with school taking stuff that scares the pants off me and blowing doors. So pat yourself on the back and have something cool to drink: you deserve it!

:) js



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