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I’m allergic to driving. And I spent about an hour and a half doing it yesterday.

I realize that many people routinely commute hours and hours every day to make a living. They are, I hope, not as allergic to driving as I am. My commute to work is about ten steps: it’s the school that gets me.

For the moment, I will set aside the guilt about where my kids go to school and why. I want to whine, and no rounds of “I deserve this” can improve the whining process. I want full-on, hands-down, top-notch whining. You’ve been warned.

Because yesterday was Wednesday, I only had to drive to Lafayette and back once. Today I get to do it twice, but I will be able to travel my regular route, unlike yesterday when the tanker truck explosion on 880 rerouted me and about a gazillion other people.

I have somewhat overcome it, but I have a fear of being lost. I worship at the shrine of Google maps, except when they inexplicably decide to give me weird directions. Because of my fear, detours, road closures, and the like tend to freak me out. Yesterday was not a good day for that.

So, by the end of the day, I was tense, like I always am when I’ve had to drive. I was extra tense from the group experience of freeway meltdown traffic. I was extra double tense because I followed an unfamiliar path—frantically scan streets to see if I recognize where I am, check street signs to see if the street I’m on has accidentally become some other street, reread directions, panic because car in front of me is stopping!!!

And, shortly, I’m going to jump back in my car to do it again. Lucky me.


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Oct. 23rd, 2008 04:55 pm (UTC)
I feel the _exact_ same way. Which is why I do not drive except when I really, really need to go to some place too far to walk (e.g. Ranch 99 market in El Cerrito), or San Jose to get Vietnamese food. :) HAT
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