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Two Turtle Doves

Merry second day of Christmas! T.R. deeply objects to the idea that the twelve days of Christmas start with Christmas Day. Clearly, Christmas has been going on for weeks already. The marketing traditions apparently weigh more with him than the church’s.

There was just about everything BUT a partridge in a pear tree in our day yesterday. I woke up early, although not as early as I usually set my alarm, because it was Christmas morning. This was not a convincing argument for Brent, who also did not need to jump up and down like I did.

Then I waited impatiently for it to be ten, so the kids would arrive and the day could really start. Stockings! I was good this year and Santa put cool stuff in my stocking. Everyone else was good, too, acquiring all kinds of fun small toys. We are awash in new Legos. The kids have new sweaters made with love by me. Syd liked his cookbooks. T. seemed pleased with his stories. Brent, I think, likes his carousel and his map book and his other toys.

I got lovely presents and I adore them, but what I love most is having everyone together and happy.

We got to go to Amy’s and Joy’s for a beautiful Victorian Christmas dinner with yet more wonderful people. My heart is full. Christmas magic happened to me again and I am so glad.


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Dec. 28th, 2008 08:57 pm (UTC)
I adored the Christmas dinner, too. I especially loved talking to you and the boys. *hugs*

I was going to friend you on Facebook, but realized that I don't know your last name. :D So, you can go here to find me:


Here is a link to the Cthulhu amigurumi I made:


I'll send the pork pie recipe sometime soon. My scanner has, for some reason, decided to stop communicating with my computer. So, I'll probably just type it out when I get a chance. Poke me if it's been a week and you haven't heard back, okay? :)

*lots of hugs*
Dec. 29th, 2008 01:36 pm (UTC)
Super awesome...
Thanks! I loved talking with you, too! So nice when online nice people become real life nice people! And the kids love you as well.

Hugs! js
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