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Plan B

We tried to go to the Academy of Sciences yesterday. We didn’t want it enough. The line outside, they estimated, would take an hour. It was cloudy and chilly. T. and his friend David are good at many things, but holding still in line followed by a press of people in a building where everyone wants to see the same cool things is not part of the skill set at this point. I’m not sure it’s part of mine, either. So, after a hurried conference, we all (T., David, David’s mom and my dear friend, and I) adjourned to the DeYoung, conveniently located across the plaza.

At some point in his education, a teacher suggested that trying to see an entire museum in one visit is not ideal. She proposed seeing a single exhibit each time. In theory, I am with her on this. One of the things I like about museum memberships is the freedom to return to see things I like again and again, not pushing my brain or spirit past the point of fullness. In practice, it makes T. a pain in the patella.

We actually saw two exhibits, the Maya Lin one and the Asian American artists. I had seen them both before, but not in the company of a pair of eleven-year-olds. Art goes by much faster with them. No lingering for deeper meaning. Much discussion of what one could do with a paintball gun.

Although if we had a paintball gun, we probably could have done something about that line in front of the Academy of Sciences…


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Jan. 2nd, 2009 03:48 pm (UTC)
With luck...
...she won't find out about paintball guns for a while, because once she does, you are DOOMED.

I'm not the slowest museum goer in the universe, nor the speediest. I can get deeply absorbed in some things, and walk by case after case of other things that don't spark my imagination. The key with T. when he was younger was to give him a notebook and pencil. He drew everything that interested him, which gave me enough time to see what I wanted to see, plus garnered admiring comments from adults who thought he was too cute for words.

xoxo js



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