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Reading Logs

I just need to say that I hate reading logs.

Both of my kids read plenty. Syd is quick at it, devouring books and asking for more, except when he gets bogged down in some depressing Russian thing. While we were waiting for T. to get out of school yesterday, he finished A Clockwork Orange, which was the book he happened to have in his pocket. T. reads more slowly, but forgets nothing. He is the reader that authors love and tremble before because he knows every detail of the works and will find the inconsistency.

And neither kid can fill out a reading log to save his life.

I admit that reading logs are silly and boring. But I also admit that teachers don’t actually see my kids doing all their reading and so require evidence. My kids stick with that first sentence. Here’s where that whole “Question Authority” thing breaks down.

I got email from T.’s core teacher yesterday saying that his grades have dropped because he hasn’t been turning in his work, including reading logs. When T. got home with the detailed list of what was missing and how it affected his grade, I saw that in reading he got an A for comprehension and integration and an F for consistency. That makes a C, for those of you who don’t want to do the math.

I was tempted to read him one more thing: the riot act.

Instead, we planned out how he’s going to get all the missing things in to his teacher. The riot act would have been more fun, if less productive. Sigh.



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