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My mom is okay. The hospital people think that she either has some kind of nasty acid reflux thing or a hernia. Brent, not helpfully, said that his dad had similar symptoms brought on by the cancer. I am pretending I didn’t hear that. And I’m definitely not saying anything to my mom about it.

She really is fine. When I talked to her on Saturday morning, she was saying that she wanted to go to the Valentine’s party at the club, but my dad wouldn’t let her. He seemed to have the crazy idea that she might want to take it easy since she’d just been in the hospital.

I am, of course, relieved. Also appreciative of all the good thoughts and prayers.

In other news, I did go out on Valentine’s Day, since I was not recently released from the hospital. Dancing is fun, particularly in a new dress that passes the little girl spin test. I need to dance more often and I need to remember the important things I knew as a child.

In other other news, Brent is still not entirely well. Even after I made him go to the doctor and he completed his course of antibiotics. He’ll be calling the doctor again today when he gets up, which may take a while, since lovely people came to dinner last night and we drank more than might be advisable. I, however, have one remarkable feature in my personal chemistry: I do not get hung over.

For this I am grateful, since it is Monday and I have lots of work to get back to doing.



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