jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Extreme Measures

Dear ones, this may sound extreme, but it’s really for your own good. Stop knowing me, right now. I have become like the evil tiki head thing on the Brady Bunch, a curse to all who come near me.

Today’s victim of Knowing Janet syndrome is none other than T.R., who gets to go to Kaiser today. He went skiing with friends this weekend and is hurt. I haven’t seen him yet (Rick was the Parent in Charge for the weekend) and so have to rely on other people’s reports of how he is, but the kid can’t walk on his leg.

If he had to get hurt, at least he did it with the right people. The mom he went with happens to be a firefighter and thus used to responding to emergencies of all kinds. Not to mention that she has two kids, which means she is used to responding to emergencies of all kinds. She helped T. keep it together to get all the way home from Tahoe, no small feat.

Having broken my own leg in a freak football accident, I am no stranger to the ways of Kaiser with injuries. The orthopedic department is up a flight of stairs. Radiology is down two flights from there. You now know everything you need to know about how carefully Kaiser considers patient mobility issues. Good thing I’ve been working out, since I will be helping T. navigate.

Anyway, before you stop knowing me lest you end up sick like Brent, having chest pains like my mom, or injured like T., say a quick prayer for T. Or you can shove me back in the cave under the cliff where I belong…

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