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Want to?

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the day when one cleans up the ashes of the Mardi Gras celebration. Hey, it is not the worst explanation of Ash Wednesday ever… Anyway, Lent starts tomorrow.

I’ve pretty much gotten over the idea of giving up things for Lent. By nature, I resent the limited pie nature of that view of things. Not that I personally couldn’t benefit from giving up certain things (No, actually, I would NOT like any helpful suggestions here. People change when they are ready to change or when outside forces are so strong that they have no other choice.).

However, the idea of a time for spiritual growth and reflection definitely appeals, something that shifts the thinking, taps into the stupendous wealth of the universe, or the glory of God, if that language works for you. Please note that while I am a person of faith, faith of any particular flavor, or any faith at all, is not required in this context.

So I have a plan. I find people with plans dangerous when they head my direction because it usually means they want me to do something I am probably not willing or able to do. The good news is that while I am a person with a plan heading in your direction, you are in complete control of whether you want to join me in this.

For the forty days (not counting Sundays) of Lent, I am going to do a small art or writing project each day. My first thought was to do a poem a day, but then I remembered that I like to play with markers and glue, too, and that because it is a less familiar way of working I sometimes learn more when I do other things. Want to join me and share the journey? Let me add one more piece of information: Lent continues until Easter, which, this year, happens to fall on my birthday. Lent can be kind of like a virtual 40-day party leading up to my 41st birthday.

I’m posting this to my blog, which cross-posts to my Facebook account and my website, and I’m emailing it to other people who may not (and why not???) see it in those other spots. So you may be tired of reading about it already. Let me know if you want to play along!


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Feb. 24th, 2009 07:40 pm (UTC)
I recently got out the little sketch book I had treated myself to, and some magazines, and happily collaged for about 45 minutes. I then promised myself that I would either exercise OR make art OR meditate every day. I haven't quite stuck to it, but I have been swimming 1-2x/week and welcome this chance to do art for 40 days. I can begin by finishing that collage tomorrow. Thanks!

Can we post pictures to your blog, or our own, if that's inspiring instead of scary?

Happy Fat Tuesday!
Feb. 24th, 2009 09:02 pm (UTC)
I'm going to set up a group...
...right now on LJ for us to post our things to as we feel like it! Just have to read up on how to do it...
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