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I’d rather be sleeping right now, but it just isn’t happening for me. This may be a problem later in the day because I have a lot to do. It’s Thursday, of course, so all accomplishment is probably doomed anyway.

After I get the kids up and fed and prodded into doing the necessary stuff, I am going to school with T. to help with some kind of art project for his unit on China. It has been a while since I did anything in the classroom, so I’m thinking it is going to be fun. Worst case, I will at least have shown my willingness to get covered in paint or glue for a good cause (shh! Don’t tell Mrs. B. that I am willing to be covered in paint or glue for almost any reason! I could use the Brownie points.).

Speaking of Brownie points, I am going to the gym today. Due to the aforementioned glue and paint, I won’t be taking my usual long walk, which means I have to find some other way of moving my body. Heidi the Incredible teaches a butt-busting class on Thursdays that is pretty much exactly what I need.

Of course I need to write today and do my Lenten art. There is dinner to prepare and laundry—there is always laundry. Driving will eat several hours of my day as I ferry one kid after another to the appropriate location. I’m hoping I can approach that last part with grace rather than crabbiness, which is why I’d rather be sleeping right now; grace comes more easily to the well-rested.

Breakfast might help, too. Unless it’s still too early for whatever I eat now to count as breakfast…



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