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Back in July, Brent got a gift certificate for his birthday. As a result, we spent the night in Pebble Beach on Saturday. We poked around in Carmel for a couple of hours after lunch in a tea shop. We got a massage at the spa. We got spiffed up for dinner.

I certainly enjoyed myself. Swanky spas with a whole room devoted to aromatherapy are fun and the people who work there continually offer you everything from water to tea to chocolate. I like cushy towels and massage oil with lemongrass in it. Also the warm heavy thing the massage therapist put on my back. I like rooms with oversized chairs, fireplaces, and giant floral arrangements, particularly when they overlook the ocean.

The ocean. See, that’s the important part. The ocean and the trees make the place beautiful. The humans just clutter up the place with bloated and grandiose houses.

Next time, we camp.


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Mar. 2nd, 2009 11:37 pm (UTC)
Lenten thoughts
J - I've SO been meaning to write back to your fabulous Lenten creation "fast" or "non-fast" idea. I love it! Since I started this weekly online column for the Guardian two week ago, paired with intense work situations at work, all my food writing projects, Dan being away with his Dad, and life in general, I've barely stayed afloat the last week or so, much less written you back.

I'm not sure, as I adjust to my intensified writing schedule (I AM writing daily now, but on food & drink), if I can commit to daily creations though I know that is the point with Lent and that 40 days will fly by. I want to still vicariously "commit" by trying saying I will post as many entries as I can on my own blog (www.ginmiller.blogspot.com), maybe even attempt a collage (yours are beautiful and inspiring), but in the absence of those two things, I commit to creating a moment each day - and will need accountability to keep to it! By the latter, I mean, committing to sitting on my fire escape and taking in the view of Twin Peaks, or listening to a song in the dark, lighting a candle in silent prayer, dancing around the room, or such little moments I can take each day (bite-sized) to "create" something good by stopping to acknowledge "the real", to acknowledge God, creation and my ability to create.

It's haphazard at best, but my way of participating. I've bookmarked your blog now so I can keep up on this journey and I really do love the idea... and love you,
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