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Table for One

I recently finished Mark Bittman’s book Food Matters. I should read books about food every couple of months at least, just to keep myself on track.

One of the results of reading the book has been experimentation with the slow cooker. Back when I got the slow cooker, I bought a slow cooker cookbook that had recipes with actual ingredients, rather than things like packets of onion soup mix. It has a whole section on porridge. While many of the recipes in the other sections of the book have disappointed, the porridge is turning out to be something I like.

Unfortunately, not so much the rest of the family. I have these fantasies in which I make tasty, healthy food for everyone and they eat it and like it. Here in Reality Land, T. didn’t want to try the oatmeal and is now eating fried eggs and toast. Syd tried it and didn’t like it; he is having whole grain English muffins. Brent is still in bed, but I predict he won’t like the oatmeal either, even after he doubles the sweetening. The good news is that I can refrigerate it and eat it myself over the next days.

During the discussion of alternative breakfasts, the kids demanded white bread for the making of grilled cheese sandwiches. I like white bread. My default bread, as a kid, was Wonder bread, much as my default cereals were things like Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes. However, somebody has to oppose the forces of evil, and today, that would be me.

I’d like a table for one.



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