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T's Apprentice

It’s not often that T.R. reads an entire book quickly. Last Thursday, we finished our most recent read-aloud and we were out. It’s not like we lack for books to choose from when we’re at home, but we needed something right away. So we went to The Storyteller, a very nice little bookshop in Lafayette. We considered options. We consulted experts. And we left with a new book to read together and several for T. to read himself.

The new read-aloud is Alabama Moon. We’re only two chapters into it because we’ve had a couple of mornings on which we’ve run late and missed out on our reading time. So far, it’s sad and compelling.

But the hit is what we got for T. to read himself. The lovely lady of the bookshop said that kids come in hoping against hope that the new book in the series has come out. The series is called The Ranger’s Apprentice and T. devoured the first book. Then he came to me and insisted that I read it right now. So I did. It was fun. Except for the part when I had about ten pages to go and T. kept making kissy noises so Cricket would jump on me on the couch. I hated that part. I had to make dire threats in order to finish.

Trouble is, I read faster than he does, but I have to wait for him to finish the second book before I can read it. Back to my own, grown-up reading, until he’s done.



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