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Things I want

A list of things I want:

A full night of sleep.
A way of getting places instantly without driving.
World peace.
A back rub.
Something more intimate than a back rub.
A chance to sit in the sun and read.
Self-washing laundry.
Everyone else around me to feel well and happy.

And a pony.


Mar. 12th, 2009 09:48 pm (UTC)
Can't help you with most of these, but we can supply a pleasant evening of good conversation with good friends and delicious food. You do have to drive to get here, or we could pick you up at BART. On the plus side, we also supply fabulous back rubs thanks to the super-duper massager Joy gave me last year. It looks like a belt sander--we suspect that it is a belt sander, adapted--but makes a deep lovely vibration instead that soaks right into your back. Mmmmmm. We can take turns during the hors d'oeuvres. You get to go first.

A full night of sleep.

Does someone in the house need a big girl bed?


Oh PLEASE! I know I haven't drooled properly over your art, because I'm envious and ashamed that you're actually doing it every day instead of about one day in five the way I've done. It's great! And I love your poems too.

A way of getting places instantly without driving.

Amen, sister. When will they put that transporter on the market? Of course, when they do, people in Iowa will start commuting to San Francisco and it will become truly impossible to get a job around here (as opposed to just virtually impossible, the way it is now).

Self-washing laundry.

I know if everyone had to do their own, you'd just have to nag them about it, so forget that. But a really special treat to yourself would be to haul it all to a full-service laundry and pick it up the next day perfectly folded and sweet-smelling. While other people are washing your socks, and I'm sure they'll be grateful for the work, you can sit in the sun and read. Presto!

Everyone else around me to feel well and happy.

Sigh . . . you probably have a better shot at the pony. This too shall pass.



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