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So I called my boss this morning. I told her I was sick and she gave me the day off. She was in bed at the time herself, so it wasn’t like it was hard to convince her, even though she knows, better than anyone, that I’m not technically sick. Apparently she wants a mental health day, too.

I’m still in my jammies. I ate breakfast, which was an unsuccessful experiment with the slow cooker. Theoretically, it was going to be a creamy cornmeal cereal. In actuality, it was like really bad cornbread. If I were the kind of person who kept a gratitude journal, I’d write maple syrup in there. It was a learning experience.

While I was eating, I finished up Chew on This, which is Fast Food Nation for kids, by the same guy, plus one more. I realized that I really like it when a book comes out and says, “Congress should…, but they probably won’t.” It’s not like books for grownups are less clear about their positions, but they often wrap those positions in a lot more language. I also like it that the book says that even if Congress doesn’t do anything, all the readers can make changes.

I ate my whole grain breakfast while drinking water. And every day I still wish for a soda I’m not going to drink. But I can make changes, too.

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