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Plants are in garden!

Plants are in the garden! Sweet 100 tomato plant, yellow pear tomato plant, two kinds of cucumber, Kentucky wonder beans, and two peppers, for the curious. Lettuce seeds, the first quarter anyway, are nestled in their bed. Maybe today I really will post pictures. Then again, maybe not.

I dampened my enthusiasm with an encounter with hard work. The people who lived here before were somewhat obsessed with their garden. They planted lots of stuff and took care of it. Yesterday I hacked away at the vines that want to achieve world domination. Also something dead and full of pokey sticks. I picked up rotting lemons from underneath the tree and filled my 5-gallon bucket with weeds twice. And I get to do it again today.

In theory, we have gardeners to do this. However, they are minimalists. The more care I lavish on the garden myself, the more likely they are to go and do likewise. Maybe they will trim back the things that are higher than my head.

The payoff, however, was seeing a tulip growing in my very own yard. I love tulips, particularly this one, since it seems to be willing to grow without all the digging up and planting down and trimming back that bulb packets seem to recommend. It just shows up and blooms in its red and yellow loveliness. Hooray for spring.


Apr. 2nd, 2009 04:57 pm (UTC)
I used to grow tomatoes, but the birds ate most of them. Cherry tomatoes, I found, were easier. I don't really do any gardening anymore, but if I did I think I would buy one of those tomato planters that you can hang from the ceiling and hang tomatoes from the patio roof.



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