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To sleep...

School House Rock - Three is a Magic Number - Click here for another funny movie.

So, not sleeping is bad. The not-sleeping problem is reaching the point where I am almost out of Sudoku puzzles. (Yes, I understand that I can get gazillions of them online, but staring at a computer screen does not help with the falling asleep part. Somehow, filling in the numbers in the little boxes eventually does.) I may have to consider extreme measures, like reading one of the kids’ math textbooks. I have already improved my instant-recall of my times tables by going over them in my head in the dark, although the threes tend to fall into the cadence of Multiplication Rock, which leads to thinking of football, which is too exciting to be sleep-inducing.

See the problem? Lack of sleep produces extreme lack of lucidity in prose and many many weird connections. Also headaches and general grumpiness, but I’m pretending those don’t exist right now. Maybe the converse of the to-do list will work: if I don’t write it down on the list, I don’t have to experience it? Bet that doesn’t work. Pessimism: another fun symptom.

I am annoyed, actually. I stopped drinking alcohol (not that I’m all that much of a drinker anyway) to improve my sleep. I’ve cut way back on the caffeine. I’m eating healthy foods and exercising and breathing deeply and ordering meditation books (that counts as meditation, right?). And none of that stuff is working.

Next up: large rubber mallet.



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