jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Prayer for the Sleepy

I’m considering getting up even earlier in the morning. Crazy? Who, me? Yeah, all right, you have a point.

I don’t have a problem with time management. What is hard for me is energy management. If something is important, I had better do it in the morning because otherwise it just won’t happen. I get stupider as the day goes on. If I need to stay up late for some reason, whatever I’m doing had better be exciting, involve loud noises, include drinks, or all of the above.

In my continuing quest for perfection, or at least adequacy, I’ve been looking for a Christian meditative process. I blame my therapist for this, because that’s what therapists are for, right? To blame things on? She seems to think a meditative practice would help me. I have tried. I’m slogging my way very slowly through the book she loaned me. It’s written from a Buddhist perspective. I have a great deal of respect for Buddhists and I find Buddhist thinking on pain helpful from time to time, but I am not a Buddhist. The author of the book did say that many students he sees pick and choose from many traditions and then wonder why they don’t get enlightened; he says it’s important to pick a tradition and follow it where it leads. Wise words. So I am searching my own tradition for what it has to offer.

I am blessed with a friend who is not only smart and trustworthy, but also educated and ordained. He is incredibly patient with my various questions about life, theology, and whatever. Naturally, I turned to him for help in this instance and he recommended a couple of books on prayer.

Prayer, as described in the first book, the one I’ve finished reading, is going to take some time. I have to make a commitment. Which brings me back to getting up earlier. Good thing God doesn’t mind sleepy people…

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