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I had an awesome birthday weekend. Brent surprised me with dinner with friends on Saturday night. Dear people, good food, silly hats, and even presents! I am spoiled.

Yesterday, we went mini golfing. It turns out that I’m remarkably consistent at mini golf, while Brent improves dramatically with a practice round. On the other hand, it’s a little hard to gloat over one’s skill at defeating evil volcano holes. Not that hard: I won a tiki drink. Sure, I lost one on the second round, but it wasn’t like I was going to drink by myself. I am getting ahead of the story.

After mini golf, clearly we needed hamburgers. Also milkshakes. Because it was Easter and we were in unfamiliar territory, this was not as easy as you’d think. We ended up in Dublin, I think, where the IMAX theater is. I ate too much and now remember why I rarely have milkshakes: they seem like a good idea in the moment, and then they sit there in my stomach like squishy cannonballs. It was, however, extremely festive.

We strolled over to the bookstore. We strolled back to the movie theater. We watched the new Fast and Furious movie. Perhaps it cost me some brain cells, but it was very very fun.

I spent a few more brain cells after we got home. I wanted an umbrella drink from the new tiki place down the road. However, Brent got the umbrella in his. This is not fair, but then, my drink tasted better than his.

Most important of all, I felt loved. I’m a sucker for attention, it turns out. I loved it that the kids texted and emailed and called me. I loved the Facebook wishes and all that stuff. So I’m a dork. I’m a happy, older dork now.

Thanks everybody.



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