jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Early and late

I was up early this morning, really early, when moonlight still filtered through the frosted glass window in the stairwell. I pretended it was my usual time to get up. I wrote my journal, said my prayers, and ate my breakfast. Then I realized I was just too tired. So I went back to bed.

I’m up again now, and clean, and I feel dreadfully behind. Also a little disoriented. I’m used to stumbling through the bedroom in the dark in the morning, not seeing where I’m going. My usual fashion excuse won’t work; I did not get dressed in the dark this morning.

I did get dressed in darks, however. I am going back to ballet today for the first time in weeks. It is going to hurt. It will also fix the attitude problem I’m having right now by forcing me back into my body and out of my hamster head.

If I can only get out of this chair…

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