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Yesterday when I went out to my car, I found a present from the birds. Not the usual kind, either, which is nice, because I hate to be ungrateful and swear at their offerings while I attack them with windshield wipers. The birds give me lots of presents because there is a friendly tree that overhangs my parking spot in the driveway.

There, on the hood of my car, upside down, was an entire nest. I turned it over anxiously, afraid that there might be scrambled eggs underneath, or little carcasses. Nope. Just a pristine and perfect example of bird ingenuity. The bottom is curved to fit over a branch. One of the grasses used to build it sprouted.

I don’t know whether the nest plummeted before the birds managed to lay eggs in it or whether the small ones have already flown. There were no egg shards that I could find. Personally, I hope the babies have already outgrown the nest and are off giving gifts to other people’s cars.

I passed the gift along to T.R., who took it to school today to share with his science class. I guess I’m feeding my own baby bird.

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