jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,


T.R. is free! The latest x-ray of his leg shows healing continuing apace. He doesn’t have to wear the Velcro boot. He can run around like a lunatic! There is great rejoicing throughout the land.

The doctor, who apparently knows a fair amount about almost-twelve-year-old boys, did mention that things like jumping off of play structures might not be the wisest decision for the next weeks. I followed up by discussing not climbing up things that one can’t climb back down and some ideas on how high is probably too high.

If T. hurts when he’s tired, he can put the boot back on for a while and take Tylenol. He might do that once, but I doubt it. He’s been trying to forget the boot for at least a week now.

I feel like running around like a lunatic, myself, just from happiness. What a relief!

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