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Beer at the end

Today, because it is Wednesday, I will do some things to help Brent’s work along. I have years of professional experience in reminding people to do things and such; sometimes I even got paid for it.

It’s a habit of mind, I guess. Smoothing the path, making the calls, generating the lists, doing the legwork. It makes me wonder what would have happened had I spent my time working in sales or in gardening or in carpentry. What things would now be automatic?

Okay, I think if I had worked in sales, I would have a much wider experience of being fired. No job that involves talking to strangers on purpose as much as possible to try to persuade them to do something is suitable to my personality. This, more than anything else except my constant sense that I may not know what I think I know, explains my discomfort with evangelical religion.

At the Guinness factory in Dublin, I watched a video of a man making a barrel. His work flowed. There were slow moments when he had to measure or take particular care with some part of the fit, but he did in a short span what I couldn’t do with weeks. It’s all about the practice.

Which makes me hope that I am practicing other good things. Kindness, for example. I would like my kindness to unfold and grow into something well-made with the kind of joy that comes from good craftsmanship. Plus it could hold beer at the end.



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