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Flower Power

A raccoon has discovered Cricket’s food. It happened first when it was very hot out and we left the back door open over night to catch any coolness we could. Morning discovered a dirty water bowl and little hand prints along the deck.

We closed the door the next night, but the raccoon wasn’t born yesterday. It understands how dog doors work. Cricket had wisely finished her food before bed, but the raccoon did put its filthy paws into her water before she realized there was an invader and barked her little head off.

As adaptable creatures, we then closed the dog door at night. Problem is, Cricket relies on that dog door. Our rugs do not like it when Cricket can’t go out at night. Brent does not like it when he doesn’t realize Cricket has left a surprise on the rug in front of the door until after he has stepped in it and tracked it all over.

Fortunately, I learned in that random yet useful way of things, in a conversation about gardening, that raccoons do not like petunias. A friend of mine plants petunias around her vegetables so she can enjoy the veggies and the raccoons won’t. Who knew a solution could be as simple as a big pot of flowers outside the door?

Now if the raccoon would just stop taunting Cricket from the top of the fence in the middle of the night, all would be well.



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