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Since I’m at my mom’s and dad’s house, I watched television last night. Not that I don’t watch at home, but I definitely watch different things, all of them through the TiVo. Other people probably know this already, but news to me: the season finale of The Biggest Loser was last night.

The show certainly had some inspiring aspects. People were transformed over the course of the season. Lives changed. Families adjusted. A couple of the participants are still in their teens; they have radically altered their futures.

At the same time, I felt slightly uncomfortable with the freak-show. I mostly saw the “after” since I’ve never watched the show before, but the whole cattle scale weighing in front of everyone is pretty brutal. There were no conjoined twins or bearded women, but the premise pretty much comes down to, “Hey! Look! Fat people!”

On the other hand, I feel like anything is possible after seeing people lose on average a third of their body weight. Wow! Me for exercise…

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