jan_can_too (jan_can_too) wrote,

Grumble Grouse Cavil

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m something of a Luddite. Yesterday I discovered yet another reason why: I don’t need single tools, but rather kits that have to work together.

I got this program a while back that I really liked. It’s called Visual Thesaurus. It works like a thesaurus, of course, but it draws diagrams of the interrelationships of the words. It’s pretty. It’s useful. And now that Software Update has done its magic thing, I have the wrong version of something and it won’t run anymore. I am not pleased.

Yes, I certainly can go hunt down a new version of the program. Which would mean paying money and time. Which I shouldn’t have to do, since I already had the thing in the first place and it worked perfectly well.

I hunted down my actual thesaurus instead. I have two, a big one and a little one. I found the little one first. It needs some love. I bought it for a quarter from the library book sale and its binding no longer lives up to its name. However, it did give me synonyms for grumble, which I needed. Not just for writing this.

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